MissionTo teach the skills of basketball officiating in a non-threatening environment and to produce effective, efficient and competent officials.
PhilosophyTo maintain a quality approach both on and off the court. This is a credit to the sport as well as the community. The number one goal is to maintain a high degree of customer service, while taking a professional approach to the game itself.
VisionTo enhance one’s ability in the art of basketball officiating, and to make participants of the game better individuals, this includes players, coaches and fans.


  • • Notices everything but is seldom noticed
  • • Has resourcefulness and initiative
  • • Has dignity of voice and manner, but with no suggestion of pompousness
  • • Is considerate and courteous without sacrificing firmness
  • • Makes calls that are GOOD for the game
  • • Has constant concern for the physical welfare of the players
  • • Physically able to be in the right place at the right time
    (Why walk when you can “RUN”)
  • • Knows the rules and manages their intent
  • • Is a great Game Manager. Understands as the intensity level rises, so must the consistency of calls